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Non-woven bag advantages

Non-woven bag advantages

(Summary description)First, the biggest feature is the use of non-woven fabrics as raw materials, it is a green product
Second, strong tolerance
Third, good quality, light weight, easy to carry
Fourth, moisture, ventilation effect is good
5. It does not support combustion and can be naturally decomposed.
Sixth, can be recycled and reused, without wasting resources and polluting the environment
Seven, printing is also using environmentally friendly ink, non-toxic and non-irritating smell, harmless to the body
Eight, fashionable, beautiful and stylish
Nine, affordable, value for money, etc.

First, the biggest feature is the use of non-woven fabrics as raw materials, it is a green product
Second, strong tolerance
Third, good quality, light weight, easy to carry
Fourth, moisture, ventilation effect is good
5. It does not support combustion and can be naturally decomposed.
Sixth, can be recycled and reused, without wasting resources and polluting the environment
Seven, printing is also using environmentally friendly ink, non-toxic and non-irritating smell, harmless to the body
Eight, fashionable, beautiful and stylish
Nine, affordable, value for money, etc.

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