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How to lay non-woven wallpaper

How to lay non-woven wallpaper

(Summary description)In the modern decoration, there are many decoration styles available for customers to choose from. Now there is an environmentally friendly wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper. How do you put this wallpaper on? The non-woven factory will tell you about it.
     1. First measure the height of the wall, then cut the left and right sides of the wallpaper by 5 cm.
     2. Flatten the wall surface, there is no gap, it is best to do a varnish treatment before wallpapering.
     3. Before attaching the non-woven wallpaper, apply a layer of glue on the wall. The thickness is about 2mm. Because it is non-woven, the glue is thicker.
     4. Start the layout of the wallpaper in a good order.
     5. After the paste is finished, the cut edge should be cut, and the pattern should be cut again, usually 3 cm. When cutting, be sure to pay attention to the strength of the knife. It is best to cut it once. Don't have burrs or hurt the wall.
     6. If the wallpaper is pasted and there is dust on it, it can be brushed off with a brush. Do not scrub with a damp cloth or the like.

In the modern decoration, there are many decoration styles available for customers to choose from. Now there is an environmentally friendly wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper. How do you put this wallpaper on? The non-woven factory will tell you about it.
     1. First measure the height of the wall, then cut the left and right sides of the wallpaper by 5 cm.
     2. Flatten the wall surface, there is no gap, it is best to do a varnish treatment before wallpapering.
     3. Before attaching the non-woven wallpaper, apply a layer of glue on the wall. The thickness is about 2mm. Because it is non-woven, the glue is thicker.
     4. Start the layout of the wallpaper in a good order.
     5. After the paste is finished, the cut edge should be cut, and the pattern should be cut again, usually 3 cm. When cutting, be sure to pay attention to the strength of the knife. It is best to cut it once. Don't have burrs or hurt the wall.
     6. If the wallpaper is pasted and there is dust on it, it can be brushed off with a brush. Do not scrub with a damp cloth or the like.

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