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All kinds of non-woven fabrics are widely used in medical, household appliances and various composite materials.

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PP Spunbond Nonwovens

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PP spunbond nonwovens are a kind of fabrics, for which spinning and weaving are not required, but spinning short fibers or discontinuous fibers (filament) are directionally or randomly arranged to form fiber web structure and then are reinforced by mechanical, thermal, chemical and other methods.
Specifications of PP spunbond nonwovens: 9-220g    Width: 1.6m, 2.4m
Features of PP nonwovens:
1. High strength performance and high temperature resistance (can be used in 150 °C environment for long-term use), anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, high elongation, good stability and air permeability, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, mothproof and non-toxic.
2. The nonwovens break through the traditional textile principles, and have a short technological process, fast production speed, high output, low cost, extensive uses, more raw material sources and other features.
The main application of PP nonwovens
1. Medical and health aspects: disposable medical supplies, protective clothing, diaper, sanitary napkins, personal hygienic care products;
2. Packing materials and lining materials: various kinds of shopping bags, storage bags, packing bags, household goods and inner lining materials;
3. Agricultural covering materials: cover film used for sunscreen, pest prevention, cold-proof and heat preservation, moisturizing, protective film for planting grass, harvest film, and so on.
Product features of PP nonwovens 
PP nonwovens are a new kind of cover material with better air permeability, moisture absorption and light transmission, and play the role of keeping out the cold, heat preservation, frost prevention, solar exposure prevention and so on. And they are featured of light weight, corrosion resistance, long life (4-5 years), and easy to use and keep in storage. White nonwovens can coordinate crop growth microclimate, especially the relationship among temperature, illumination and transmittance for growing seedlings and vegetables in open field or greenhouse in winter. They can prevent the sun exposure that causes fast water evaporation in seedbed, missing seedlings and the burns of vegetables, flowers and other seedlings.
Main features
1. Light weight: it takes polypropylene resin as the main raw materials, with the specific gravity of only 0.9 that is only three-fifths of cotton’s specific gravity, and feels fluffy and comfortable.
2. Softness: it is dotted by hot-melting adhesive that is composed of fine fibers (2-3D). Finished products have moderate softness and feel comfortable.
3. Water-repellent finishing and breathable: polypropylene slices do not absorb water, with zero moisture content. Finished products have good water-repellent finishing and are composed of 100% fiber, with porosity and good ventilation. They are easy to keep cloth cover dry and easy to wash.
4. Non-toxic and non-irritating: the products are produced by FDA food-grade raw materials, free from other chemical components, with stable performance, non-toxic, no smell, and do not stimulate the skin.
5. Antimicrobial and anti-chemical agents: polypropylene is a kind of chemical inactive material, moth proof, and can isolate the erosion of bacteria and insects in liquid; antibacterial and alkali corrosion; the products’ intensity cannot be affected due to erosion.
6. Antibacterial: it has water-repellent finishing, is not mildew, is moth proof, and can isolate the erosion of bacteria and insects in liquid. 
7. Good physical property: it is directly paved into net by polypropylene spinning and hot bonded. Its product strength is better than the strength of general staple fiber product. Its strength is non-directional, and its vertical and horizontal intensity are similar.
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