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All kinds of non-woven fabrics are widely used in medical, household appliances and various composite materials.

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Hygienic material nonwovens

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Aotelong has advanced SMS and SSS nonwoven production lines, totally-enclosed manufacturing workshop, annual output of more than 15,000 tons and production experience of more than 10 years. It has been providing hygienic material industry with superior water-repellent SMS, hydrophilic, perforated, ultra-soft and elastic nonwovens that are comprehensively applied to the productions of sanitary napkins and diapers. Its workshop is equipped with complete test rooms, make real-time inspection for all technical indicators of the field products, and provide customers with more reliable guarantee. The company also has a powerful R&D team who constantly develops unique and novel products, beyond the pace of the marketization.

Three-dimensional diversion layer nonwovens

Soft hydrophilic nonwovens in diaper surface layer

Composite nonwoven base film of diaper or sanitary napkin

SMS nonwovens (15g-100g/m2): three-dimensional guard against side leakage, small package film and better barrier property.
Nonwoven frontal waist paste (45g-70g/m2): used for frontal paste of baby diaper, instead of magic cloth, soft and mute, low cost and good pulling force, and provide all kinds of printing according to customer requirements.
Elastic waistline nonwovens: better pulling force, more comfortable to use, more close fitting
Non-woven left and right ears/elastic big ears (50g-120g/m2): used for left and right ears of diapers, better pulling force, more comfortable, more fitting and more advanced.
Three-dimensional diversion layer nonwoven (20g-40g/m2): used for hygienic material and diversion layer, faster diversion, less reverse osmosis, and more dry and comfortable surface.
Three-dimensional perforated nonwoven: used for diaper, surface layer of sanitary napkin, more three-dimensional and more dispersed effect, better hydrophilia, soft hand feel.
Super-soft composite bottom nonwoven (14g-20g/m2): used for bottom recombination of diapers and Easy Ups, skin like soft and comfortable, good barrier property, doubly care.
Hydrophilic soft nonwoven (12g-25g/m2): used for diapers, permeable surface layers of sanitary napkins, used for perforating treatment, as wrapped use (package use) instead of wet strength paper.
Wrapped hydrophilic nonwoven: replace wet strength paper, with better pulling force.
Nonwoven treated specially by adding fragrance, tea seed, aloe vera essential oil, etc. (12-260g/m2): used for surface layers of sanitary napkins and diapers, make product effect more superior and special.
奥特隆公司拥有先进的SMS、SSS无纺布生产线,全封闭的生产车间,年产量达到15000多吨,十余年的生产经验,一直为卫材行业生产供应优质的拒水SMS和亲水、打孔、超柔软、弹力无纺布,全面应用于卫生巾、纸尿裤的生产。车间配有完善专业的检验室,即时检验现场产品的所有技术指标,为客户提供更可靠的保证。公司还拥有强大的技术研发团队,不断开发新颖独特的新产品,超越市场步伐。  3D perforated nonwoven fabric for sanitary towel	 hydrophilic nonwoven fabric for diaper or sanitary towel  Compounded nonwoven for diapers back sheet  立体导流层无纺布  尿裤面层的柔软亲水无纺布  尿裤或卫生巾的复合无纺布底膜   SMS无纺布 (15g-100g/m2):用于立体护围防侧漏、小包膜,阻隔性能更佳。 无纺布前腰贴 (45g-70g/m2):用于婴儿尿裤前贴,代替摩术布,柔软静音,成本低,拉力好,可按客户要求提供各式印花。 弹性腰围无纺布:拉力更好,使用更舒服,更贴身。 无纺布左右耳朵/弹性大耳朵 (50g-120g/m2):用于尿裤左右耳朵,拉力更好、使用更舒服、更贴身、更高级。 立体导流层无纺布 (20g-40g/m2):用于卫材面料及导流层,导流更快、反渗更小、表面更干爽。 立体打孔无纺布:用于尿裤、卫生巾表层,效果更立体、更分散、亲水性更好、手感柔软。 超柔软底部复合无纺布 (14g-20g/m2):用于尿裤、拉拉裤的底部复合,如皮肤般感觉柔软舒适,阻隔性能佳,加倍呵护。 亲水柔软无纺布 (12g-25g/m2) :用于尿裤、卫生巾透水表层,并可作打孔处理,及代替湿强纸作包裹用途。 包裹亲水无纺布:代替湿强纸,拉力更好。 加香味、茶籽、芦荟精油等特殊处理无纺布(12-260g/m2):用于卫生巾、尿裤的表层,令产品效果更出众特别。

Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric

Punched nonwoven fabric

Super soft non-woven fabric

Stretch non-woven fabric


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