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"Hainabaichuan, let Jiaolong take off; 1000 boats race, let the group of heroes compete first". The Long March respects talents, cares for them, gathers, utilizes, nurtures and retains them well. It creates a good atmosphere of encouraging them to do their jobs, supporting them to do their jobs and helping them to do their jobs well. It also brings together a large number of key talents who are loyal to enterprises, good at management, strong in development and daring to innovate, thus making the Long March truly a "home for entrepreneurship and fertile land for talents".

Over the years, Otellon has adhered to the concept of "people-oriented, virtue first, people-oriented" talent, and the enterprise has achieved leapfrog scale development. The company attaches great importance to talent work and always regards the development and utilization of human resources as an important strategy for the development of enterprises. It lists the "talent project" of "talent introduction, talent utilization, talent creation and talent retention" as one of the "four major projects" of the company. It has formed a professional and systematic human resources introduction, cultivation, assessment, incentive and planning management system, and strives to build a high level of human resources management. It provides a strong talent guarantee for the sustainable development of the Long March, and lays a solid foundation for realizing the scientific and technological development of the Long March and creating a "civilized enterprise".


Aotelong's Way of Employing People

Opening up Channels to Introduce Talents

We have established all-round channels of talent introduction, such as recruitment, talent search and headhunter recommendation, to introduce talents nationwide.

Use Talents in an Unconventional Way

Adhering to the talent policy of "gathering talents to thrive enterprises and thriving enterprises" and creating a working atmosphere of "the competent, the average and the mediocre", we have established a team of practical, creative and learning professional managers through job training, career planning, performance appraisal and other ways. The proportion of professional managers in the management of the company has reached more than 80%.

Nurturing Talents in a Multi-pronged Way

According to the different career planning and training needs of employees, we should cultivate talents in a targeted way.

Meeting Needs and Encouraging Talents

According to the characteristics of different groups, we should adopt diversified incentive mechanism to let employees share the achievements of enterprise development.

Emotional devotion to retain talents

Organize staff to carry out colorful activities, and actively build emotional bridges between enterprises and employees.

Aotelong's Idea of Employment

To cultivate people with Autron culture, to unite people with the cause of the Long March, to motivate people with performance appraisal, to train and improve people with learning.


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