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All kinds of non-woven fabrics are widely used in medical, household appliances and various composite materials.

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Yangzhou Aotelong Nonwovens Co., Ltd. has a number of composite equipment with different functions, and can make composite treatment for nonwovens and other fabrics, including laminating treatment, hot pressing treatment, adhesive spraying treatment and ultrasonic treatment. Two layers or three layers of fabrics can be compounded together to produce the products with special functions, for example, high hydroscopicity, high barrier property, and high hydrostatic pressure resistance. Aotelong’s composite materials have been widely used in medical, hygienic, protective, industrial, automotive and other industries.
SFS – three layers of composites, nonwoven + breathable film + nonwoven. SFS is our patented product, which is mainly used in surgical gowns, surgical drapes, protective clothing (garment), car covers and other products.
The SFS protective clothing produced by Aotelong has been certified by China Food and Drug Administration.
PE lamination .
    Two layers of non-woven composite breathable film
    Three layers of nonwoven breathable composite films
We can produce various composite materials  
Composite nonwovens + polyethylene (PE) film Composite Polyethylene (PE) lamination film
Composite nonwovens + polyethylene (PE) film + nonwoven Composite nonwoven + meltblown + nonwoven
Composite nonwovens + spunlace Composite nonwoven + aluminum film
Composite spunlace + breathable film + nonwoven Composite non-woven + polyethylene (PE) film
Composite nonwovens + thermal insulation materials + aluminum  Wrapping film
    Ultrasonic composite of aluminum film + thermal insulation material + nonwovens
    Ultrasonic composite of nonwovens + breathable film + nonwovens
    Medical absorbent materials: composite of PE film + absorbent materials
    Medical absorbent materials: composite of PE film + hydrophilic nonwoven or spunlace


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